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Autism is a broad spectrum of variable degrees; and can range from *profound to very high functioning.  

*(profound; not able to measure ability.  High functioning even to the level of difficult to determine.)


For newcomers:

About AutismNE and Autism Society of Greater Cleveland:

   AutismNE  is an online parent/ family support and resource network for anyone who has loved ones with autism.  We provide resources, message forums for support, family get togethers and activities.  AutismNE is free of charge. ~~ More details below.

AutismNE is partnered with Autism Society of Greater Cleveland

Autism Society of Greater Cleveland provides monthly support meetings, event's, fundraisers, and more. 

Autism Society of Greater Cleveland Mission Statement: “To serve the autism community by providing information, coordinating support services, and facilitating communication for the benefit of those with Autism Spectrum Disorders from diagnosis through adulthood.” 

More details about Autism Society of Greater Cleveland can be found at their website:



More Details about AutismNE:  

Our group consists mostly of parents, grandparents and caregivers of individuals with autism.  We also have a support group for Teachers, Educators or instructors.

Please feel free to click on any of the above links (listed at the top of this page under the heading) to learn more about us.

     Click on the link below to see our group forum on Yahoo groups, there you will find our detailed description for our group.  Feel free to join our yahoo group if you live or are thinking of living in the Northeast Ohio area.


To Join the AutismNE email family support group:

Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Guardians and Cargivers and those planning to move into Northeast Ohio.

 Please see or join our group site on yahoo groups at:


Family and Activities meetup in Northeast ohio: Meetup:


Teachers, Instructors and Educators can see or join our group at: 


ASGC (Autism Society of Greater Cleveland)


Another good online Ohio support group is Autism Ohio at:

Anyone living outside of Ohio can see or join our international group:


For Parent and Family meet-ups join the AutismNE forum group on Yahoo groups. 

For questions about AutismNE use the "contact Us" link.
This site is dedicated to all families who have loved ones with autism.

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